PRESS RELEASE: Pavé the Way® Jewelry by Joan Hornig partners with The American Heart Association

January 8, 2019 (New York City) — Pavé the Way® Jewelry by Joan Hornig, a division of her Philanthropy is Beautiful® jewelry company, is beginning 2019 with a major effort in support of the American Heart Association’s Life is Why We Give campaign. From now through February 28, 2019, when customers enter the code “GoRed” at checkout, Hornig will donate 100% of profits from purchases from the Pavé the Way® Power Tools, Food For Thought and No Planet B collections to the American Heart Association.


“Why wait until February (which is the official Heart Healthy/Go Red Month) to participate in effectuating heartfelt change?” asks Hornig. “Since 2002, customers of Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry have illustrated the power of connecting consumerism, activism, and messaging with causes they care about. With 100% of profits always donated to the charity of the purchaser’s choice, almost 1,000 different non-profits have received support through this social enterprise business model. What better way to consider our own health initiatives as well as the needs of others?”  With heart disease and stroke the No. 1 and No. 5 causes of death in America, Pavé the Way® Jewelry challenges customers to begin the year by reminding women of the importance of maintaining a healthy heart as well as a philanthropic one.



That is why Pavé the Way® Jewelry has partnered with the American Heart Association to support their #Life is Why We Give campaign which inspires consumers to honor their reasons to live healthier, longer lives by giving back. The funds raised from these jewelry purchases will help the American Heart Association continue scientific research, education and support services for healthy eating and exercise to maintain a vibrant and generous heart.


About Pavé The Way® Jewelry

Pavé the Way® Jewelry, the newest addition to the Joan Hornig Philanthropy Is Beautiful Collection®, repurposes familiar objects to inspire conversation as well as giving back. The jewelry celebrates women’s personal styles, interests, and the passions they wish to share.

Designed to be accessible to all ages and budgets, the jewelry is sterling silver with 18K and 23K gold accents and ethically sourced diamonds. The three collections of Pavé The Way® include “Power Tools” which stress that women can handle anything that comes their way, “Food For Thought” designed to highlight that we all need healthy nourishment, and “No Planet B” because we have the power as well as the obligation to be mindful of our one and only planet.

As with the eponymous line established in 2003, 100% of all Joan Hornig profits from Pavé The Way® are donated to the charity of the purchaser’s choice.


For more information, please visit, or contact or call 212-427-6216.